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“We share the conviction that as citizens we have every right to raise hell when we see injustice done, or the public interest betrayed, or the public process corrupted.”

John Gardner, founder of Common Cause

Maryland:  “Following the Money” 101:   A Beginner’s Guide to Using the “Maryland Campaign Reporting Information System” to find out who contributed to a candidate, how much, and when.

Step 2

In the “Receiver” box (the 2nd box), find the top box: “Receiving Committee”

Step 3

In the “Receiving Committee” box, type in the last name of the candidate (for example, “Friedson” or “Hucker” or “Rice”) — then review what pops up

Step 4

Select the “active” account  — sometimes there may only be one “active” account; make sure the name (first name and last name) exactly matches the candidate you are interested in

Step 5

Click the “Search” button in the middle of the page

Step 6

Find the format icons on the left side of the middle of the page — they are just below the “Search” button and just above the line that says “Drag a column …”  The icons stand for:

  • CSV
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • (Microsoft) Word

… and they look like this:

Step 7

Select one of the buttons (we recommend the red “PDF” button) and the file will be downloaded to your computer

Step 8

Find your computer’s “Downloads” folder.  Open the folder and click on the file to open it.